Treasure Boxes I, II & III.

Here is our latest video presentation on our acclaimed Treasure Box series project. This marquetry pieces are re-creations by master artisans Patrice Lejeune and W. Patrick Edwards. Through the use of the finest material in the pure french tradition they created award winning Stunning veneer work.


The inspiraton for Treasure Box I came from a late 17th century marquetry box sold at Christies Monaco for 18,000 British pounds. This seemed the perfect idea for the piece by piece spec project we were planning on.

We spent the next 18 months producing 4 boxes with a similar construction and design. The overall layout is the same than the orifinal but we redraw the all picture to the size and specification we chose using period design.
The wonderful black Gabon sawn ebony veneer background came from J. George in Paris. We used Over 30 different species of veneer, most of them came from J George et fils, France.

New ebony background marquetry box in louis XIV style
Treasure Box I, marquetry box
Sawn veneer marquetry box creation with secret compartment
Treasure Box I open

We were able to sell all four boxes before we had finished construction.

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When we started working on Treasure Box II, a collector was interesting in acquiring one with a bird. We found a box that had some interesting features, including birds but also bone elements, and the inside had a chinoiserie feeling that rose our interest

The second box has more details and required more work. Also, dying the bone green required some research and we want to thank Don Williams for help in that search. Like on treasure Box I, we created another mechanism which by pushing on a soft spot releases a secret gilt leather writing surface .

New marquetry box creation with bone inlay in paiting in wood style using piece by piece methid on a chevalet de marqueterie.
Marquetry treasure box II closed

The interior is veneered with sawn bloodwood, kingwood, tulip and boxwood. In total there are three birds on the box and marquetry on all sides.

Chinoiserie marquetry in bloodwood, tulip, kingwood, yew sawn veneer. Secret compartment mechanism reveals a gilt leather writing surface.
Treasure Box II open

As with Treasure Box I, the all series was sold before construction was completed. One was donated by a client to the permanent collection of the Mingei museum, in San Diego. That represents the first time one of our creations found its way into a museum collection.

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There are several objects in the Getty museum collection that we really appreciate. The marquetry coffer attributed to Boulle is my personal favorite. But to ease integration in a modern interior we reduced the size by a third and redraw the marquetry to keep the elements to scale wit the new dimensions. Once again, the overall layout is very similar even as we change a lot of elements. Also, we added functionality to the box by creating a drop front revealing a series of drawers and a till.

The background is of ferreol sawn veneer, a beautiful rare chocolate color wood used in the 17th century. We kept the pewter and brass edge banding.

The first box was sold to a long term client at the mock up stage and we were asked if we could create a pedestal for it.

Treasure Box II has a lot of secrets and mechanisms. The writing surface is set with blue silk velvet matching the top bird wings

Treasuer Box III with stand. Inlaid with pewter and brass, grotesques and rosettes.
Treasure Box III closed
There is multiple secret compartment in this re-creation. We designed the hardware that were special made for us by a machinist.
Treasure Box III open

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