I studied in the renown Arts & Crafts shool the Ecole Boulle in Paris for five years. the school is dedicated to perpetuate the traditions of the decorative arts, as well as the creative process, focusing on drawing, painting and designing.

In Art classes, I developed a taste for abstract design, and felt an immediate connection with this raw expression of feelings, sentiments and thoughts. When I discovered the Art of Marquetry it was love at first sight. I had discovered my true path of expression by connecting a powerful style through wood, a material that is alive.

In 2006 I immigrated to the USA to work with W. Patrick Edwards and Kristen Arrivee in San Diego at the American School of French Marquetry. My position in the school involved teaching, creating, designing and experimenting. As the school focused mainly on traditional marquetry processes, I developped for my own work new techniques such as “Fusion” and “Sprinkling”.

My current works are mostly divided between traditional and contemporary. My contemporary creations are mostly Recycled Art. Every bit of veneer, panels is kept to find an ultimate use. In my “Sprinkling” pieces, I even use shavings and sawdust from other projects. Such pieces become Recycled Art of Recycled Art pieces wastes.

Although I am a marquetry artist, working in the 21st century, I often use the 17th century term “Painting in Wood” to perfectly describe the creative intentions behind my work, traditions in todays' days.