Saving the past for the future

Antiques are our heritage

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As a general rule, furniture conservation and restoration must always maintain the integrity of the piece.

I believe my role and duty in conserving and/or restoring decorative art objects is to preserve cultural heritage for future generations to appreciate and enjoy. I thrive to respect and conserve the object’s history and as much as possible, its patina and original materials.


Clock detail BeforeHowever, sometimes, more invasive repairs are necessary on heavily damaged objects.  In any case, I use the latest restoration technics and materials alongside traditional processes,  in compliance with the American Institute of Conservation guidelines.

I have experience in treating most types of wooden antiques: solid wood, veneered,  bearing an intricate marquetry pattern, and oriental lacquer.

Furniture conservation is a vast discipline, and over the years, I have also acquired expertise in water and oil gilding, traditional finishing, such as French polishing, as well as using exotic materials, including shell, horn, bone, mother of pearl, metals, parchment, etc.

Therefore, following an individual assessment, I am able to determine the use of the proper tools, materials and technics for maximum homogeneity and respect of the original piece.

My craft is about finding the balance between ethics, structural stability, original aesthetic, modern science, and tradition. I ensure that each piece I am entrusted with will survive our own generation and exist to provide pleasure to those following.