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  • Thank you soooo much for creating something that will FOREVER be in our family! A masterpiece, an heirloom! Nothing that could ever be reproduced! It’s ours and only ours with the personal touches you’ve included! Thanks again for everything


  • I was always intending to send you this. The work you guys did is just magnificent. Every person comments on the craftsmanship. You are a reincarnation of the original artist. So much detail and just the idea/concept put into reality. Thank you peace and enjoy the moment.

    Mr Flynn

  • Jack and I have placed "The Shack" in a place of honor in our living room. We have sat for two nights with the other room lights off while the sun began to set and found colors and lights in the picture that are absolutely stunning and that we had not noticed when we looked at the piece in full daylight.

    Pauline and Jack

Patrice Lejeune - Antique Refinishers LA

(310)733-6080 - artisanart@gmail.com 

640 E 40th pl, Los Angeles CA 90011

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Patrice Lejeune


Graduated from Ecole Boulle in Paris in 1997. Furniture and Marquetry restorer and Maker. Marquetry Artist.

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Agnes Penot

Art Historian

Phd in art history from La Sorbonne Paris I. Provenance Research and Collection management and Cataloging.

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