Mastering the tradition

Re-Creation : Making a new piece with a new design in the style of a master and/or a period.


Through my 5 years of training at Ecole Boulle and 25 years of experience conserving and restoring some of the finest pieces of furniture ever made, I have acquired a deep knowledge and respect for the work of the old masters. In fact, this respect and passion led me in the recent years to re-create pieces in the manner of the great cabinet makers of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The most common terms used in period furniture making to describe the work are “copy” or “reproduction”. I personally prefer the term “Re-Creation”, which requires a more creative process, a philosophy that goes beyond the strict reproduction of an existing piece.

A Re-Creation is a new piece with a new design in the style of a master and/or a period, using traditional technics and tools, such as the chevalet de marquetrie to cut the veneer, hand planes, saws and chisels, as well as reversible glues and finishes.

As a result, the final piece will look like an antique in its style, materials and technics. I am creating new antiques that will withstand the test of time.

Handmade With Hand Tools

We believe that using pre-industrial wooden planes create a original surface, and that it impacts directly the final appearance of the work.

Behind a truly handmade piece, you can feel the soul of the craftsman, giving a definite aliveness to the piece.

The Best Materials

We source and select the best materials from the veneer to the shellac flakes intransigent regarding quality.

We also partner with the best artisans in the US and Europe to get or create bronzes, special hardware etc.