Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration

We specialize in pre-industrial furniture antique restoration.

Solid wood, veneered, marquetry covered, inlaid, from chairs to desk and bookcases.

We work with specialized artisans in the US and Europe for bronzes and hardware

Boulle Marquetry Restoration

Restoring a Boulle marquetry surface requires a different set of experience and knowledge.

Most of the time it implies dealing with previous badly executed restoration ro quick fixes.

Turtoise shell is on the endangered spieces material list from the C.I.T.E.S. and require a pre-ban stock with certificate.

Flooded Bookcase and Desk Restoration

This pieces were deemed un-restorable by the expert of our client's  insurance company. Our client decided to invest the loss money into restoring the pieces, saving the past for the future.

Millet Desk

This desk was sold as a Linke desk, but under the bronze we found marks indicating it was made by la maison Millet.

The veneer had suffered from the elements and shrinking of the carcasse. The desk having no flat surfaces we had to build an exo-skeleton to be able to clamp the surfaces to restore using sandbags as cauls.