On The Bench

On The Bench

On the Bench

What we are working on at the moment

Treasure Box III

Our Treasure Boxes are always made as a small series of 4

You may have seen our Treasure Box III finish but it is only the first one of the series. We are now working on finishing the 3 lasts. Some are already spoken for!

Treasure Box III with table

Hand made in the European tradition.

Hand cut marquetry on chevalet

Empire Bookcases

On the bench at the moment are also a pair of empire bookcases that we are making for a San Diego Client.

We have started cutting the wood and are making quick progress

We have sourced some very rare hair dried cherry wood that we are milling to thickness at the moment.

We will hand plane each board for a natural handmade surface

We have imported bronzes from France form one of our providers. They will recieve a patina in order to not look to new.

Boulle restoration

We are currently restoring multiple Boulle pieces

Restoring Boulle takes a lot of time and patience. It requires an understanding of very different materials that are wood, shell and metals and there interactions.

it also require a knowledge of traditional adhesive such as the protein glue fish glue that has a very good sheer resistance to conteract the divergent forces that create movement in the wood and the metal.

In winter it is usually more humid so the wood substrate of the panels expends while being colder the metal retracts. In the summer it is usually dryer so the wood retract while being hotter the metal expend.