Nocturne – Straw Marquetry Creation

Two months ago I have been invited to participate in a group exhibit at Protea Gallery in San Diego with a dozen other artists to provide a small dimension piece on the “Nocturne” theme.

I did not know what to do until a week before delivery. I had some straw sitting around for me finding the time to work on it. The black and blue dyed straw seems to fit the theme and I did it.

Here is the black straw all and splited

The dark blue is real nice, has some nice variation in it,

The light blue is real bright and powerful

Straws has a natural finish on it made of silicate and the reflexion changes with your movement and the light. Inspired by the the Chopin’s first nocturne and the use of the straw from the 30’s I came up with this piece.

Pictures can not really show the effect of straw. I will take pictures at the show to see if I can capture the effect a bit more or a video maybe. Cheers — Patrice lejeune

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