Finishes – French Polish

Finishes – French Polish

Finishes - French Polish

Conservation and restoration of original period finishes is one of our highest priorities. We believe in keeping the original finish whenever possible and reproducing the type of finish used at the period to keep the furniture more authentic.

We do not use any kind of modern plastic finish as they are not reversible and do not last as long and can result in a loss of value. For example french polish or wax finishes can be reworked from time to time without the need for stripping.

French polish

is done using shellac, which is a natural resin secreted by an insect in India. The shellac flakes are dissolved in alcohol and rubbed on the surface with a pad. French polish is an 18th century technique that requires experience (at least 10 years!) to obtain a deep and thin finish.

Unlike modern plastic finishes, shellac is reversible, so it can be restored touched-up and removed without the use harsh chemicals.